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A spinning clave?... hmm.... now I understand what all the anti-clave hubbub was about recently! It seems people have the wrong idea of what a clave is. The tourist cluster_muck at Chatham light lately is anything but a 'clave', (which is a planned gathering of fishermen sharing knowledge and good times while celebrating fishing together). Most times the claves we run target remote places - they're about getting away from the crowds as much as anything else.

I might be wrong but I think John is referring to a lack of ettiquette on the water in areas that are over-run with tourists. I've experienced the same thing, maybe you have too. We'd be naive to think that Chatham Light will ever be anything but a tourist spot.

I think another part of this is issue that one style of fishing is different than the other. For instance if a guy is throwing bait, he needs about 30 yards of beach in a strong current. If a guy is flyfishing, he needs about that for the swing of the fly in the same current. The spin guy only needs 5 feet on either side and thus will poke in between anyone and do his thing. Put all of them in a tight space and presto! Call that anything you want but that ain't no clave.

This is a clave...

Good luck this weekend,
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