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Consider the following:

Go fishing there with some friends (witnesses). After being met with this type of harrassment by the property owner find a hungry, young attorney and file a civil suit.

RCW 77.15.212 [- in a nutshell allows the damaged party, should they prevail, reasonable attorney's fees and up to treble (triple) damages.]

RCW 77.15.070 - Civil forfeiture of property used for violation of this Chapter. [his shotgun among other things]


RCW 9A.84.030 [which clearly states any activity which "intentionally disrupts any lawful assembly or meetings of persons without lawful authority" is a violation of law, i.e., harrassment.]

Possibly a letter from your attorney will "inspire" the local authorities to enforce the law. Laws the state legislature felt important enough to codify.

By no means am I giving you legal advice, rather, I hope to inform you of options available to you should you deem it necessary.


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