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Dan, I am from G.R. area. Spend the majority of my time on the west side, with the only exception being the ausable/upper man in summer...for trout.

C&D can be a naughty little lining technique when put in the wrong hands. I would be less than honest if I said I didn't ever rig up a C&D rig anymore.
The truth is there are specific applications where I find it untouchable. Even if I am using a streamer. I do fish primarily out of a boat though. And I don't target anything on gravel. I guess I still have that numbers hitch to work out of my system. All things come with age.

I too look forward to December/January Hal. The best time of year as far as I am concerned. We should hook up for a float and you can show me a thing or two about the old school sink tip method.

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