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BTW, I only fish what I call the early or late run periods and only during the week. I stopped going during the prime salmon and steelhead season periods due to the crowds and idiots. Winter fishing keeps the crowds down some what, so I prefer then also.

I gave up C+D about 15 years ago, went to traditional nymph wetfly with sink tips, then into spey fishing with sink tips. I know I do not catch as many fish as I would with C+D but I am beyond catching large numbers of fish.

The guides that post the results of their trips with pictures several times a week on the major internet boards I do not think are helping the fishery. I guess they need more bookings and this is their way of marketing new customers.

Good luck guys, looks like I will be up in michigan's blue ribbon steelhead region soon. Leave some for me please, I only catch and release so I will leave any I touch for others.


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