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I agree to an extent, but it is possible to hook larger numbers of steelhead when the run is on. You can hook over 20 fish a day sometimes, depending on the situation. A problem like Hal and John stated are the number of anglers fishing. Alot of times they do stand in the way and not know exactly what they are doing, but we won't be able to stop that and they are entitled to fish anyways. I hate the snaggers though, they truly make me sick. Many anglers drift their patterns with a method called chuck and duck(using lead, long leaders, swivels on a flyrod), and while I once did that I can say I moved on to more traditional methods using sink tip lines and indicator nymphing methods, and sometime this year I am going to try greased line atlantic salmon methods for summer steelhead or in late spring for dropbacks. I feel like flyfishing should be a challenge and that is what I look for when I am on the river. I began flyfishing the surf for this reason, the rivers can get crowded. I know I can find tranquility in a few of my "secret" streams, and when the fish are present it is rewarding.

By the way John, where exactly in Michigan are you from. I live in SE Michigan!
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