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Thumbs down Info/River Pimps

Hey Hal,
I have been viewing this forum for a little while and haven't taken the time to register til I saw your post. I am new here so sorry if this is out of line.
I have a serious problem with the amount of hype/publicity our rivers in Michigan get from Fly Mags. It's completely iresponsible. They publish articles that make Great Lakes Steelhead fishing sound like anyone can come hit 12 fish without any experience on any given day. Which, as you and I both know, is most certianly not the case. Most of the Mag readers come up to MI from southern states and due little more than stand in the way. On rivers like the PM this can be very frustrating given it's size. But, never the less it is right there in FF and all...for everyone to see and some to beleive.
While I am a realist and I do understand that we Michiganders have a great resource at our finger tips and I realize that out-of-state anglers are going to want to vacation here. The hype needs to stop. The iresponsible publicity and hype will, without a doubt, be the demise of our fishery.

Sorry, just my opinion. Ok, I will get off my soapbox now.

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