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I hear you Eddie about Las Arenas. One thing lodges and fishing/hotels do is keep an eye on highly damaging fishing. Gillnets and what-not (things that go boom).

Yeah... I literally had nightmares last night about tying huffnagles... No kidding. They were all slipping. Really. But after the first dozen biminis (six class tippets), they really become no slower than a good blood knot, probably faster.

Trying out a new shock tippet connection knot this year recommended by a buddy. Not a great knot for the IGFA boys. Called a "slim beauty" or a "shock knot". Pretty cool, and in my highly scientific "tying it to the doorknob" test, it appears at least as good as a Huff.

I used to brind down about a dozen pretied leaders for a week before I started using fluorocarbon. One good tuna and the fluoro is all distorted and kinky. I'm not saying it weakens to the point that it's the weak link in the leader, but two or three good fish and I have to change. It just looks all jacked up!
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