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PHILSTER,I stayed just down the road from there,at his outher hotel dalmers de cortes they are both owned by the vanwarners
Ibeleve the brothers are running them now, my friend had a bad experiance there w/ one of the capt, they went out for a ALL DAY trip an the capt got tired an told him he caught enought fish time to head back. so he says. I had a great time caught fish ,broke a rod, food was great, plenty of drink, you should have a great time. when you land watch the HEAT it will slap you in the face till
your use to it . a couple of COOLD BEERS an off to the taxie you go. I got our capt to DROP us off on one of the beach so we could fish the surf, I had a BIG BLACK CAT come out of the brush
60yds away an walk down the beach looking for food this guy was at least 150lbs glade I was in the water an going the outher way. thats enought I could go on for ever. have a good one an take fome pic!!!
P.S. watch out for the (FREDEALRALIES) they all carry guns!
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