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East Cape Salty. Specifically Punta Colorada 50 or so road miles away from Cabo. First choice was Las Arenas, but the lodge I was booked into did the ol' belly up. No money lost fortunately. I won't have that direct short run to the Island trench, but It'll still be smokin'

Roosters will be sparse, but big if you can get one to take. Dorado, will either be all schoolies, or just big singles (varies from year to year and NOBODY has been able to explain it to me), Tuna and skippies will be all over, and sails will be plentiful, and you don't have to tease them, just toss 3 or 4 sardinas at them to wake them up

I'll be solo in the boat, so no action shots, but maybe I can get the Panguero to take a few "hero shots". Otherwise it'll be "Jack/rooster on the sandy beach", "tuna on the deck", and "sail in the water alongside boat".
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