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RE:Some hope

Thanks Jeff, fascinating article. I just can't help but be a little skeptical when man tries to do anything nature does better. About the only thing we humans can do to help nature is leave her alone, and we really suck at that. I believe the PNW ecosystem is designed to cycle nutrients from salmonid bodies, therefore when these runs are decimated the rivers will be depressed in many different dimensions of biomass. If left alone to succeed, or perhaps after a refresh period of fertilization before being left alone, the nutrient level should return to the natural cycle and this will promote itself to health.

I can't disagree that fertilization of rivers may be a useful assistance program to rekindle salmonid populations in over-fished and over-logged river systems. I hope the implication of this is to reboot river systems and not to put rivers on an artificial nutrient program to cover up our tendency to commit nature crimes.

Forgive my seeming mistrust of these things, and thanks for the cool story link.
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