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Three weeks and counting...

Until I'm in Baja. Preparations have begun:

*Checking/Replacing backing.
*Stocking up on tippet material.
*Replacing loops on flylines.
*Looking for misplaced stuff. I mean really... How do you lose a 12 wt intermediate line...
*Find/check/replace marking pens in boat bag. Green, blue, brown, black, 3 reds. Red is important
*Transfering tools from vest to bag (one week before trip, and all at once to make sure nothing is forgoten)
*Tying Biminis and building leaders (15 lb class/27 fluoro bite X 12, 15lb class/60 fluoro bite X 12, 15lb class/100 mono bite X 4)
*Tying, Tying, Tying...
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