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Lake Ontario Browns?

I have a question for you Great Lakes fisherman. This past weekend I went up to Fairhaven State Park on Lake Ontario (between Rochester and Oswego). They have a long man-made channel /pier connecting the bay with the lake. It must be over 250 yds long. Anyway as I was walking out there with my family, and without any form of fishing implement, I saw first one and then two nice sized fish in the clear four foot deep water just off of the pier. Fish that I could only guess to be browns although I suppose they could have been steelhead as well? They were definitely acting a bit nervous-they swam too fast and were not the shape of carp- and now I am thinking about going back up there to try casting a fly to them. My question is regarding what species of fish these might be and then whether being in so shallow would they be interested in a fly or are they more likely just interested in spawning? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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