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Well we didn't see much of anything in the way of fish but the clave was great all the same. Spending a sunny day on the breachway talking fishing with my dad and other clavers while continually predicting that SOMETHING has to start chasing this immense pod of bait in front of us. The camp dinner was fantastic, as is usual for this crew, and not just for the food but the company as well.

Sunday we trooped north to fish for BFT, ran about a 50 mile loop with two spotted tuna. Monday we extended the weekend due to a favorable forcast. The forcast was seriously off but we made a similar 50 mile loop with no tuna, a good soaking from the 1-3 foot waves that seemed suspiciously like 2-4 and occasionally 3-6. The highlight of the day was having a very large pod of dolphin/porpoise play near our boat.

Thanks to all for another great clave experience!
Tight Lines,

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