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SW Michigan Report

Fished the St Josephs river below BS dam and a lake michigan river mouth yesterday. A beautiful autumn day resulted in poor steelhead and salmon fishing, bright sun and low water put them down. River is still low for this time of year and water temp was 67 degrees. Saw no one hook a fish. I got a lot of spey casting practice. Salmon were broaching surface for air at lake but no takers.

Stopped at a Northern Indiana creek on way home, and the bridge I stopped at, pool had about 20 fresh run kings and steelies in it. Tempetd to buy an Indiana license but decided not to.

They are projecting 80 degree temps the next few days and no rain so it does not look good weather wise. Just heard a rumour of a southern lake michigan fish kill which the DNR is checking out.

Something is not right with this years salmon and skamania runs. They are late and appear to be down in numbers.

Remember in 1999 Michigan decreased its king salmon stockings by almost 50% in Lake Michigan to determine if to many salmon was the cause of the diseases that were starting to show up a few years ago. The 1999 fish would be coming back in 2002.

I am concerned.
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