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"Haven't fought a fish for more than an hour? Keep fishing in the sea.
Wasn't it Randall Kaufman who said,"When setting the hook on a Tarpon, feel for the corner of it's mouth."? Who is he writing to there?"

Hey Eddie. Notice I said I haven't spent an hour on a Bluewater fish, no mention of tarpon :hehe: As I've also mentioned earlier, not that I would expect anyone to remember because, hey, why should it memorable, I prefer fish I can cast to. That means Dorado, yellowtail, yellowfin, sails, and small striped marlin.

I think Randall was referring to the now popular circle hook approach of not rushing the hookset, and trying to get a hinge hookup. Something trumpeted by steelhead gurus forever. Heck, Hugh Falkus of atlantic salmon fame advocated using a hook that wasn't super sharp so it wouldn't catch on hard bony parts of the mouth and would instead slide a bit and come to rest in the "scissor" of the mouth. That hardly compares to talking about needing to break a half dozen or so rods before you know how much pressure you can put on a fish...

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