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"But Philster, if you ever get a chance to fish for what you out there in teh west call dorado and what we here in the east call dolphin, you will see what I am talking about. Also my buddy got to go to Costa Rica last march for sails. It was, again, exactly the way as described in the book. "

If I had to count the number of Dorado I've caught, I'd have to count the number of Dorado I've caught That is the most prevalent "bluewater" fish in the sea of cortez in Baja where I go between late June through November. They are sometimes referred to as "rats" due to their numbers at certain times. Done the sail thing too. Both those fish are on the easy side of the bluewater spectrum. Well, to hook anyway. They are also both gorgeous and amazing fish.

Capt Gordon, if you ever want to really see what Dorado fishing is like, go to Loreto Mexico between mid July and mid August. There are days where you will have the captain turn the boat around long before you are scheduled to go in. Really... You can get about 5 days on the water for as low as $650 double occupancy, including room and board. And if you go, give me a call, I'll meet you and bring the flies
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