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Well, that's obviously just my opinion and the series of flies is great,(in my humble inexperienced opinion), especially the series on the sea habit bucktail.... But I like books for their entertainment value and there are simply not enough books around on bluewater flyfishing...Kaufman's
is twice the cost as well . What I should have said is that it is great to me since I do not have the opportunity yet to do even a small amount of Bluewater flyfishing at the pictures and the rigging is large and clear. I think you can learn alot from any reading, especially if your experiences are different from what you read... the Striper books ,for example, are basically all the same... where to find fish, how to fish them, what flies, etc, etc...The estuaries, the surf..on and on...I look though them to find something different... If all we have is two books to compare, it is better than books that don't touch on flyfishing, like a Book I just got called "TUNA"...forgot the author...but all about spreader rigs, Penn Internationals,,,Blah,Blah , When I caught tuna on those rigs, all I had to do is reel and shout to the captain to stop the engins since it was harder to reel them in with the boat cruising...thanks for the thrill but no thanks....Like the blue fish charters..keep trolling even when hooked,it gives the folks the feel of a greater fight than if the boat was stopped. ( I know the story is to keep the fish out and not have to reel those fish in by trying to recapture line with a fish turning toward the boat ...but still....)

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