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Okay, since it seems to be my role in life, I'll throw some water on the party

Randall Kaufmann's Bonefishing is a great book. Bluewater Fishing isn't.

The book seems to be aimed at a strata of folks who don't need the book, if they exist at all. All this talk of breaking rods before, or just as the tippet breaks... C'Mon... I fished 6 foot straight 20 lb Mason leaders before switching to fluorocarbon and more "fancy" leaders. Hate to say it for fear of what may happen, but never broke a rod. Landed tuna in the 25 to 30 pound zone in 20-45 minutes. Never spent an hour on a bluewater fish yet as long as the rod was appropriate... it just isn't written for the same folks the steelhead books were written for... Fishermen like us. If I had read the book before starting off in the world of bluewater, I may never have done it because of his horror stories.

The rigging info is good, and the fishing techniques, when they are given are good too, but it could use more, especially with the tuna species.

Oh yeah, the salmon chapter? The chinook info seems to be based on ONE fish. Go back and re-read it. The narrative and the pictures sure are! 2 or 3 shots of the same fish with captions like "A chinook..." when it should have read "The chinook..." That is a little unethical...

That being said there is no competition, and I would LOVE to see a new edition of the book with info on all the new gear and lines and flies and the techniques that have been developed in the south pacific.

Translation, just because he's relatively full of it doesn't mean it's not entertaining. It's just not great.
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