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"Jeez... with that much backing you could probably leave the reel at home, hang on to the tippet, and pull the thing there once you've landed!"

It's not about the backing, it's about the reels. When Large Arbors invaded the market and caused lots of folks to dump their reels and adopt the "New Technology", some of us realized that if we loaded our Billy Pates and Abel Big Games half full with Dacron, and filled the rest of the reel with Gel Spun, it would cost us about 30 bucks a reel, and they would perform pretty much the same as Large Arbors at about 5% of the cost of a new reel. Of course we didn't get the rush all the gear junkies got buying their new reels :hehe:

I would like to say I'll never need that much backing, but I foul hooked a Tuna in the shoulder once, and came pretty close to seeing my arbor knot on a reel that held 450 yds... Thought I had a wahoo...
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