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There are reams to write about this topic... to try to cull it down to reasonable size, are you fishing from shore -or- from boat? That makes a huge difference.

Generally speaking, you want to target morning and evening hours for open water fishing from a boat. When bait is getting pushed around by tide rips, get into the fray and start casting.

I prefer at least an intermediate line if not a sinking head line, like a Rio Deep Sea 250-350 grain sinking head line with intermediate running line.

Areas like the straits concentrate current and really put the candlefish, herring, krill, squid and anchovies at a disadvantage and the big fall salmon really go to town.

If the tide is not pushing hard, focus on dawn and look for tide slicks - long lines of flotsam in a waveless stretch of water. Or if the tide is slack high go fish along the kelp beds lining the shoreline. Leland's coho poppers are an amazing way to flyfish for salmon, you have to see it to believe it!

I love to find the big hooknoses in their oceanic currents and rendezvous with them on a hunting sortie along their migration routes. There is nothing like a 15-18 pound fall coho on a flyrod!

From shore look for open areas with good beach access where the fish can push bait against the shore during a morning or evening high tide. Another shore strategy I've done well with is to stake out a point reaching deep water on an incoming tide.

For flies, I prefer herring patterns, candlefish flies like the epoxy bodied surf candy style, short bodied deep minnows, etc.

If you find them on a binge the action is hot and heavy and the fight is spectacular.

Good luck, let us know how you do!
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