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All J-Plugs should be burned.

Raid tackle shops, homes, campgrounds, pile them up and set them on fire.
I was actually at a shop in town and overheard an employee touting the j-plug as a legal means of snagging. "They die anyway might as well snag them." We don't spend any money their now.

Also, heard of stories where guides have told their clients that "the kings don't bite and that this is how you have to hook 'em" What a joke!

How about setting up those swimming pools full of nasty finless hatchery trout and bluegills right out side of the bars and tackle shops so all the snaggers can sit in lawn chairs and have at it. Get rid of the kings also so they are not tempted to get near the river. Steelhead, Cohos and a few Atlatics will do just fine.
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