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Checked with Joan whose a travel guide in Europe.

She uses "TravelGuard" for her luggage insurance. Have had to use them once (claim on small stuff) but they came through like gang busters. But, if it's "gone" it won't help you when you hit the beach.

You may have to "do something special" if you have high end items (declare them up front) but they will cover you loss.

And stick your reels in your carry on luggage. I've also checked luggage at the boarding gate rather than at the check in counter. That way you can 'watch' them load the rod tubes. Just tell the gate agent what you're up to. Any questions (not likely) they can just open the tubes and look at the rods before they squirt them into the belly of the plane. (Remember, they've already been through two layers of airport security.

Just don't try to get a cork-screw through. :>)
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