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Yes those DEC officers have one tough job dealing with those characters, I have seen some real losers which I would not be on the river with at night for any amount of fish.

Actually, I have stayed far away from the areas they congregate in for the past 20 years. It is just not worth my time to be near them nor fish when they are around.

Never seen a J-Plug used out here but then again I have not kept up on the latest snagging techniques. Its a shame this type of behavior cannot be adequately controlled by the DNR departments.

Go back to the Salmon in the dead of winter for steelhead bet the snaggers will be not around, there beer will get cold or whatever else they need to have a good time, etc...

Its because of these lower ethic people they I gave up hunting 30 years ago. Imagine running into these types of guys in the woods when they have a rifle in their hand, I did and decided it was not worth the risk any longer.
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