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New York DEC...

We did see a few of New York's DEC officers on the river on Saturday.(All four of them!) All I can say is that these men in green have a formidable and scary task in front of them. We witnessed them writing up a group of "outstanding" sportsman for who knows what offense. Some of the characters I came in contact with on the river were more than a little shady(and more than a little drunk) if you get my drift.

The funny thing about the J-plug is that according to those I talked to...this devilish lure(Can you even call it that?) will go out of "season" at the end of September. My understanding about the regs. is that snagging is outlawed on all Great Lake tribs. in New York at ALL times. Why then is it necessary to phase out the J-plug if it is in fact a legitamate means to catch these river salmon? Think about it!
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