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If you all ever go again go fish the DSR

Fishing up river for salmon is unnerving at best. The chinnoks are crusty, frieghtened and have been snagged and fought a few times each. If your lucky you might find a steelie or some coho's.
I always fish the DSR. It's costs you 20.00 for admission per day which is the only downside. It is right above the estuary so the fish are fresh and for the most part unadulturated. When a fresh run is comming through even the chinnoks will come agressively to the fly. One of the most attractive aspects is that the river is patroled by employees who enforce their no snagging policy fairly well. Plus J-plugs aren't allowed.
I got my trip schelduled for next week but know I hearing reports that the water will be shut off to 0 cfs which doesn't sound good. I might have to go somewhere else or cancel my trib. Please rain real hard!!
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