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Wink Salmon river....NY's best kept secret....

This past weekend I had the privlidge to accompany Big Dave on New York's best kept secret....the Salmon River . I believe Dave pretty much summed up the entire experience in his post. All I can say is that this fishery, under the conditions that we were dealt: low water, high temps, and EXTREME fishing pressure seemed at least to me a horrible joke. What surprised me the most was the complacency of some of the local tackle/fly shops to go along with the lie that this is/was a real SPORT fishery.(At least in terms of the "fabled" salmon fishery.)

As Dave posted we each managed to fair hook a few fish each and despite all my best efforts I even landed one. You really had to work for these opportunities which were few and far between!

I should have realized what was in store for Dave and I when on the first night at the motel I was assaulted by someone's errant egg hook that had somehow found its way into my bed spread! All I can say is that I am glad it was only my knee that got impaled!

I believe the town of Pulaski should adopt this as its motto... "If you ain't draggin...then you ain't snaggin' "
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