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Yo Dog! I want nothin' to do with a 90 lb yellowfin... I don't have that kind of time :hehe:

Haven't been to the "Sur" in nearly two years due to major life changes, including moving the Pacific Northwest and becoming a stay at home dad to two toddlers. I do have 4 solid days in a super panga alone from October 25-29th at Punta Colorada! It should be absolutely epic! Roosters and Tuna and Sails! Oh My! Roosters and Tuna and Sails! Oh My! Roosters and Tuna and Sails! Oh My!

Forgive me if you know this, but when they are bustin' right at the boat, slap your fly right on the boils a couple times, then on the third or fourth one, let the fly hit, then sweep your rod horizontally as far and as fast as you can, while making a major strip. Sometimes those "six feet away" fish will nail that zipping fly before it travels 3 feet. The coolest part is you can see the take, and while you know Tuna are fast, you don't really realize how fast until you see something like that. :eyecrazy: I actually do the turbo strip at the end of all retrieves. I get more hookups there than at any other time during the retrieve. Of course I also have 90 feet of line in the bucket to deal with.

Once again apologies if this is old hat to you. Couple of things to try on those fish that won't take. 2 to 2.5 inch white belly, black back fly on a super stout size 2 hook. Aki or Flyliner. anything from rams fleece to Puglisi fibers, to any of the new "polar" fibers. NO FLASH! With a quick sinker line let it soak for awhile, then bring it back with long slow pulls. If that fails, go to a real small, size 6 or so fly of ALL flash. Fish it the same way. When I say 2 to 2.5 inches, I don't mean 2.75 to 3.5 inches. Seriously, keep it small. Sometimes I even cut the small black and white fly shorter, mark the cut edge with a red sharpie, and really let it soak. The strike is literally painful if one takes a "chunk fly".

When things are really bad, and you are fishing as described above, don't retrieve all the way back, bring it back half way, and then shake out the line you retrieved (and any line you couldn't cast) and let it soak a bit, then repeat the process a couple of times. As you know the bigguns are almost always deeper and this will gain you some real depth. I also carry small largemouth bass style worm sinkers to assist getting really deep for when you need to get under skippies and footballs.

None of this is original to me. Of the 25 or so "Killer" techniques I've been given over the years, these 3 or 4 are the ones that have proven themselves over and over again.

Man, it's going to be tough to wait until the end of October!
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