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DEEP BOW from the waist to "Willie Gun!"

Heck of a week end for hook ups.

But the killer of killers was one of "Willie Gun's - Dr Malcoms - Wllie Guns done on a short 25mm Waddington Shank. Hadn't really used these to chase summer run Steelhead this season so said to self: "Self, let's give this a go."

9wt sage traditional, 4' of heavy leader to a 5' Airflow extra fast sinking 'leader,' plus another 5 foot of 8# florocarbon leader to the 'Willie Gun.' Hook was a #4 short shank tube fly hook.

Hooked 7 or 8 large summer runs this morning and landed 5. The lost fish were one 'unpinned,' and two that just flat broke me off. As noted above, the flys were the two short versions (25 mm Waddingtons?) of the WG. Large, as in 5-9 pounds each. The break offs had to be far larger fish (Fall Kings?)

Each fish just plowed the fly, no nibble - nibble, just cream the thing. Crap, this is Sunday and I'll be stuck with a zero dark 30 for only an hour or so tomorrow morning before work.

"Dear Doctor: would you consider adopting a Canadian-American 'son' so he can get more??????????????"

Ya, I'll be at the tieing bench this week, but credit where credits due.

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