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I had to guide a different river since mine is blown out (still). They had a tough couple of days to begin with. We were still fishing tail waters and they were running water on goofy schedules. Tough fishing always means alot of work on the guide. However, yesterday was an unbelievable day. They spent about 4 hours with solid doubles. I spent the entire time with a net in my hand. I don't know how many fish they eventually caught and released but it was a bunch. Later we spent about an hour working on a 28" rainbow that wouldn't take anything. All in all I'd say it was a great time. Nothing beats a few days on the river............

When the water gets down to about 4000 cfs (or less) on the White I am going to break out the new T&T spey rod and see if I can entice some of those bigger fish to take a streamer in lieu of those midges I usually fish with. I think I could spend a day standing in a river waving a stick for a while.

Where is the picture of the 15lb chromer? I'm in need of a big fish fix............

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