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Western Michigan

Hit a western michigan river mouth and the lake michigan surf yesterday. It was raining and windy all day. Tough fishing the spey with sink tips in that wind. One gust took my hat write off into the lake michigan, got lucky and got it before it sank!

Stripping streamers, lost one on the hook up. Finally connected with a bright 15lb king. Nice fight, let him go.

Talked to a Michigan DNR creel census officer. She indicated that the runs are late and slow this year. Lake water temps are still in high 60s. When the kings and cohos come, there should also be alot of skamanias with them.

Could be great fishing coming soon.

All in all, a nice relaxing quiet day on Lake Michigan. Brought back some fresh michigan corn, apples, plums, flowers, etc. No other fisherman to be seen either (priceless).

Trees are really starting to change, autumn is here.
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