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For those of you wondering about tippet size, listen to Roop and Hawkeye I am in complete agreement with them. I don't pussy foot around with any fish especially the Albies, when I hook them I put the screws to um' immediately and if I break them off Oh! Well!......But I am the boss not them for this reason I will not use anything lighter than 20 lb. Fluoro leader. If Fluoro is as invisible as they claim it to be than you should not even worry about whether they see it or not. Beef Up and put the screws to um' that is my advice, if they don't hit what you have to offer I don't think the leader has anything to do with it........Period! Plus look at all the time wasted re-rigging to lighter tippet when that time would have been better spent casting and searching. Just my .02 cents and please don't take it as ranting, I just think there are too many flyfisherman that make thing's way too complicated, just try and remember when you were a kid and had no money, you went out and found some worms, went over to the local pond, climbed a tree to retrieve somebody's snagged hook and bobber which was rusty, tied it all on put the worm on the hook and caught fish. Very simple and effective, I constantly have to remind myself to stop thinking and get fishing.

Mike M.
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