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Albies to the Left - Albies to the Right

I went cove hoping in B-bay after my tuna trip. I had a cooler full of ice and wanted to get a tunoid on the fly since I failed to get one on the charter. Looking for Bonito, I drove here and there with the kayak on top of the Jeep and a map in hand. What I found was Albies. Since some of them were jumping clear out of the water complete with hangtime there was no mistaking them. I quickly put the yak in the water and gave chase. First fish, 3lb blue When I got the little guy to the boat I lost the fly. I tie on 30lb floro to get through the blues. The next hour and a half I paddled my butt off getting a couple of good really good shots at them. A couple of follows where I run out of line to strip and one whack that I didn't set on. Other than that it seemed like the blues out numbered the albies and my leader and fly selection were taking a beating. A fly charter I talked to on the water said he'd searched all day and had found them about the same time I did. So considering the amount of water and my limited ability to cover it in a yak I was very lucky to get a shot at them.

What is the recommended tippet size for albies and bonito?
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