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A good day...

I'm now down in the "civilized"world of puget sound and ready to some less civilized places to do some fall steelheading. But thought I'd pass on about the quick trip to the river I made last evening.

I probably provide a questionable influence on my 9-year old nephew, but what I tried to show him last night is near absolute on its low merits and detrimental effects it tends to have on the lives iof those who practice it -that's right, steelhead fishing.

I took him out with his spinning rod rigged up with a #3 gopld vibrax while my rod was rigged with a clump of deer hair attached to my leader withy a riffle hitch. Put him in the downstream position and told him to cast and let that spinner swing thru the run till it was below him, reel in, take two steps and repeat (sound familiar?). Eviedently he got the hang of it as he hooked a nice bright hen which gave him a little fun before throwing the hook.

About an hour before leaving he tired and hung out on the bank while I finished swinging that steelhead caddis thru the run. Well, a little buck came up and took that fly right in front of him! He got excited with that and was pretty up when I landed it.

All in all a good day, He had fun and that is the most important thing. When we were down I made a point of Asking him "do you know why I ended up catching a fish today and you didn't?" When he asked why I told him it was because I kept my hook in the water while he had his on the bank. Also let him know about the importance of keeping quiet about his fishing spots.

Well now that I got him all riled up to bother hid dad to take him flyfishing, I think it's time for me to leave
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