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Chasing Wahoo isn't that expensive if your base is Baja Mexico. I've never done it, because it frankly isn't that appealing to me. When you can cast to Tuna, big dorado, big roosters, and sails, teasing up Marlin and Wahoo loses its luster. Maybe one or two fish on an average day vs. a 20 fish day of barnburners you cast to... Hmmmm...

But if one wanted to, it can be done very reasonably. I'm doing 5 nights 4 days in a super Panga (twin engine 22 to 24 footer) for $1400 (all inclusive but alcohol) in October, and it would only be a grand if I was sharing the boat. Airfare is going to run me $310 from Seattle ROUNDTRIP!

But from the looks of it, this board can probably put together enough folks for a charter out of San Diego Ca. as in the Trey Combs videos. 16 crazies willing to volunteer? Do I detect heart palpitations out there?
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