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Smallies REALLY stepping it up

On Sunday I went after some smallies on the CT River in northern Connecticut. Prior to leaving I checked the USGS website and saw that the water levels were below anything that I had ever seen around here for this waterway. I had a hunch that I'd be able to get out to some structure that was otherwise unreachable and unsafe at higher flows.

I was right. There were several cuts and dropoffs that I was able to negotiate my way out to and fish. With an overcast sky, occasional drizzle, and cooling water temps the fishing was nothing short of fantastic. I lost track of how many smallies I caught, but they were good quality fish and a blast on the 6 wt. I even lost one small hammer handle pike that bit me off at my feet.

If you're within reach of good smallmouth water in New England, get out there! The fall feedbags are being strapped on.
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