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Good luck, your schools sounds like my sons (Richards High School, Oak Lawn, IL) which is a chicago surburb. See link below. Varsity and freshman (sons team) are undefeated so far. Sophmore are 1-2 however they moved their star tailback to the varsity, and he is truly the pony to ride to the playoffs, along with our 6"7" QB and new purdue style passing attack. Things look good this year for another run at state. They won 40-0 last night against an undefeated team. Could have been worse.

Check out freshman page, my son is Ross Eckert, in picture he is in 2nd row from bottom, 4th in from the left side of picture, # 22.
Starts at right CB now.

If they go to state finals again this year it puts complications into my Michigan steelhead plans though in November. May have to go in December, christmas wild winter steelhead, priceless!
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