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here's the one striblu, thanks.

And Fred, yep...that's exactly the area. I grew up in Springfield, but the roots are in Eastern CT, the Cape, Northern NH and Canada. It was an uncle in N Eastham who put my first spinning rod in my hands.

Gotta agree with you Juro. In fact up here even the hatchery runs are c&r. Down in Southeast I recall the reg for most steelie runs is that they must be hatchery fish and 36" long, so it's basically built to be impossible to keep one. That's fine, I don't keep a lot of trout anyhow; the nice football in my avatar went back, for sure. Hatchery supported salmon runs,, where's my filet knife and "Hon! Pick up some more ziplocs!"

Well, glad to have another place to read and write.
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