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second post

I just jumped in the middle of the general discussion; maybe I shoulda lurked a bit, eh A thread at flyanglersonline linked out to here, and this is some massive board you've got, and real tidy.

As my patience with my 28,8 allows, I'll fill out the rest of the profile and try to find a photo for the margin.

I guess by way of faceless introduction, I'm typing from a mountain in Anchorage overlooking the city, and am interested in catching things with fins. That amounts mostly to pacific salmon, trout and grayling. My family categorizes itself to no small degree as swampyankees, which I'd liken to a northern redneck, so I don't release everything, will still use tackle and bait (however rarely), run a 4x through the woods to get to my favorite spots and am generally pro land-use. :eyecrazy: Wonder if we could get that toothless grin smiley here. :redneck:

Let's qualify pro sustainable land-use, which is by way of saying that I might not write some of the most popular things here, but I intend any comments within the limits of a good sense of humor, soooo......looking forward to reading more of this site.
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