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Spacing guide problem according SAGE web site

I just have bought a Sage 7141-4 blank. In Sage spacing chart on their web site is written that between 7 - 6 snakes there is 17,25 inch than between 8 -7 snakes there is 15,75 inch.
I wonder is it normal? Here is all mesurement among guides from tip top (according Sage web site) :
17,2500in ?
15,7500in ?
15,8750in ?
At first sight for me it is not correct, in all my fly rods spaces among next guide are longer than before one towards the butt. So please if someone could explane me it, if I'm wright please write me correct spaces. I ask you becouse in Poland ( whereI'm from) is very hard to inform myself that question. And one small question: mesurment guides are from tip top down to butt that's ok- but for connected blank or disconnected?
Thank you very much and many greetings from Poland!!!
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