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Re: Grocery Fly

Originally posted by striblue
Here is an example of a Grocery Fly .The pattern is from Veverkas Book and designed by Gail Pucciarelli... It is on a 5/0 Verivas hook,Chartruese thread.....Tail- Yellow Bucktail,Then two white hackles...Wing-Two yellow Marabou plums, yellow bucktail, pearl flash,olive bucktail, and peacock herl....Throat-White bucktail and a small tuft of red marabou. Yellow prisim 3-D eye. The page where this is in Veverkas book is directly behind the fly.
That's one of a hell good looking fly, I have Veverkas Book, and I called and talked to Gail, about the grocery fly, up or down in Maine, when I first got the book, that was quite a while ago, after our very informative conversation, she said that see would mail me one of her grocery flies, but for some reason it never materialized.
You have a masterpiece in your Grocery Fly, love it.
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