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RE:Patagonia Steelhead

>I learned a bunch about that fishery and everyone
>down there seemed to be in agreement that the sea-run
>Browns were the main thing rather than the rainbows.
>Those sea-run browns get HUGE! A friend has sent me
>some pictures from this season and they are getting
>brownies over 20# all the time.

Hi Tony:
Without a doubt fishing Patgonia is a kick (I was there last november) and not to take anything away from the sea-run brown experience, but I met a lot of guys down there that get terribly excited about fishing for chinooks (the big fish sindrome) That's fine and dandy but you can catch those even in the great lakes. Same with 10 to 20 pound browns on great lake tributaries. Personally, the experience is not just the fish but the surrounding. Without a doubt the Rio Grande and the Rio Gallegos are nice places but fishing in the Andes holds my heart more than any huge sea run brown in TDF or even a Steelhead of Rio Santa Cruz ever will. Some places in BC, the Gaspe or Cape Breton would also come first on my list.
Anyway, just my thoughts.
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