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Doc -

i'll take a shot at it:

you basically are tying the fibers in clumps on the top of the shank
and then a similar clump on the bottom of the shank, advance the shank and then repeat. Once you've got it down, it's one of the more mindless styles of tying, but the results speak for themselves.

(right Terry??).

I tie mine slightly differently than Enrico. I prefer to double the fibers around the thread, slide them wherever I want them and then wrap to hold them in place.

The KEY in using sea fibers is to use them VERY sparingly. Take as much as you think you need (and then take less). If you double-over as I do, you obviously need even less.

By using different lengths to start (they always need a haircut) you can tie them from 9" down to 1"... FWIW I almost never use any glue on the wraps (except for the final ones at the head) and have never had a problem with the materials spinning....but your mileage may vary.

hope this helps.

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