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Custom-coloring nickle silver

I'm leary of shiny surfaces on a fly rod or reel; I figure that most trout have experience of something that flashed above them an instant before it almost grabbed and devoured. Nickle silver is elegant, but suspect for that reason. Recently, I was sent a n.s. fly reel seat when I'd ordered a black aluminum version. Taking a que from the folks at Golden Witch, I ordered a little bottle of Birchwood Casey Brass Black metal finish, a liquid "to blacken or antique brass, copper or Bronze." It was a simple matter to wet the n.s. components, let sit for a few minutes, then rinse off in water.
The result was a vividly mottled bronze effect, looking rather like case-hardening on some fine shotguns and handguns, but without the bluish tones. Probably no two pieces would come out the same. To my eyes, it's elegant and very distinctive.sienna
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