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Doug..thanks... Yours look great as well. I see that your method is layering the angel hair... I have a number of those as well. The angel hair I have been getting lately is in a Thick package and not the flat packages...As a result I have tied them according to the Mike Martinek method of tearing ,then putting on like dubbing or spinning ,to create a thick body...I will wrap just like I would a spun deer hair.... that is... tie down than fold back and tie in a little rib of thread to hold back the material.... I pick it out with a bodkin and then brush to shape and trim... One set of eyes is Puglisi's with the pegs in back cut down... the other is the usual 3-d prism eyes..but green. I epoxy the eyes in... so they actually attach to the hook shank.. I also tye them like Bob Pink does by having the eyes at the very end of the hook eye as yours are. The bunching will only work for the body...any dorsal colors would need to be layer by the layering method. P.S.-----Doug look back in this archive to 4/01 (Angel hair baitfish) and 4/14 (Big Angel Hair bait fish)...I think on pages 4 and 5... go back One year to pick it up)

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