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Try this..

Size 1/0 ( short shank hook Eagle Claw is good and if you loose some to bluefish they are cheap )

Tail: 2-4 White Saddles with Pealscent Krystal Flash ( 5-10 strands )

Body: Bills Body Braid

Collar: Flo White Bucktail ( tied in deciever style, sparce )

Under Wing: 5-10 strands of Peach or Peacock Krystal Flash ( or whatever you prefer )

Wing: Grey Bucktail

Cheek: 3 Strands of Prismatic Flash on each side ( slightly fan them out a bit )

Eyes: 1/2 inch stick on ( silver preferable or all black is cool too )

Dab a small bit of epoxy just to cover the eyes and thread.

This fly is absolutely deadly when they feed on Alewife. Has accounted for more Stripers than I can count.

Also a good little pattern for Albies. If you use it for the Albies and they refuse... cut some flash out of it and listen to the drag ZZZZZING.
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