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Fred...Veverka has a nice one...he ties it by taking flash corsair or mylar tubing and tieing it under the hook shank for a belly(you know..about 1/2 inch long after the application of the epoxy looks bigger)... I use different material than he does..but a small bunch of white bucktail tied just behind the the hook eye...but leave some room for your topping and this will create a roundish head... then on top of the buck tail pearl flashabou all around the buck tail... then another tuff of bucktail and covered by more flash... them thin bunch of violet or purple polar fiber on top of the bucktail...Then thin bunch of blue polar fiber on top of that.... veil those top toppings with more pearl flashabou....then finish off with a thin topping of black polarfiber.... Epoxy the head thinly ...moving in one direction to the back of the hook with your applicator...hold it into the shape you want which is kinda flat look... the whole head should be now be set for sticking the eyes on. red marker for gills, and second coat of epoxy to finish... remember the epoxy does not have to go the whole length of the fly ..but about no more than an inch from the hook eye back. Also... try Angel hair in the same manner... real flash and looks just like a peanut bunker... a little base of bucktail and and you have a great foundation for the angel hair.
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