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Ahhhh, September. One of my favorite times. Like Steelheader 69 I found a summer fish in yesterday's rain on a low water wet in an area that has been deemed without fish or at least so low that it is said to be a waste of time fishing it. Unfortunately, I broke the fish off by putting too much pressure on the 6 pound tippet about 5 minutes into the fight. Oh well, I would have released it anyway.

I have a real problem thin time of year deciding where to go. There is some very fine summer fishing on the Cascade and upper South Fork Sky, upper South Fork Stilly, the Methow (at least the 8 or so miles that are open to month's end), the Hoh, especially the South Fork, the twolower drifts on the Sol Duc, parts of the Bogey, and the upper Calawa. I also greatly miss the Wenatchee.

Then there are the wonderful silver runs on the Skagit, Sky, and Sol Duc. Followed by some truly amazing chum fishing on the Skagit in November.

So many fish, so many rivers, and not nearly enough days to fish. Fall fishing, got to love it!
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