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That is always the case when fishing from a boat in sloppy weather, the boat usually never complains but the occupants don't handle it nearly as well. I know this first hand as before I got my 20 ft. CC I fished out of a 16 ft. Tin boat that always handled the seas fine but I always got beat up pretty good. The new boat definitely makes things alot more comfortable but even on days like Saturday you get beat up pretty good in a bigger boat. You would have needed a 30 + ft. boat this weekend and even then it would have been advisable to stay home. Don't fret better days are coming and you will really get to love that new boat of your's guaranteed. Maybe we can hookup for a double trailer expedition to the eastern sections of the sound to search for the elusive hardtail's. Let me know if you are interested I can show you around the areas that have been real good in the past and are starting to heat up now.

Mike M.
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