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...what Roopmeister said and...

If you like it and don't want to lose it...tie it to you or your boat.
If you dump, everything that's not connected will be claimed by the fish godz!
Don't attach anything (rod and/or paddle holder, etc) that can interfere with your paddle stroke...anything pointy will eventually claim a knuckle if it's in reach.
If it's metal and you don't rinse it off you will get to replace it next year.
If you leave the boat on your roof rack it will either be stolen or, if tightly secured by straps, warped by the sun...also, UV's are BAD! Store your boat out of direct sunlight.
Stay out of the way of determined charter boat captains and always assume you are invisible to common power boat drivers.
Negotiate channels quickly/efficiently otherwise you become a challenging target for the power boat squadron. They score points and you lose.
Compile a check list of everything you need and go through it before you leave the house.
Take along a pad and pen/pencil to write down any profound revelations as they occur...rigging, sponteneous modifications, and ways to do things better the next time.
Congratz!...The learning curve is doable and after you get comfortable, it getz better and better!

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