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Cool, picture must be a C-5 ? Brings back memories of very cold, hot and windy flight lines. Dover was getting them when I got out in 1970. Mostly worked on 141s, 124s, 133s, and many other miscellaneous birds. Avionics instrumentation.

Surfed out to the Wright Patterson AFB museum site recently and lo and behold the only F-102 they have is one I worked on in Iceland while in the 57th Fighter Interceptor Squadron. S/N 416 Now I know I am old when probably all of the birds I worked on except the 141s probably are no longer flying.

Check out the link to the intercept of the Russian Bear on the next page. Have my own pictures of these which the pilots got for us. The year I was there 66-67 we had something like 90+ intercepts of russian bombers testing NATO air defenses. Kept me REAL busy.

No time for fishing in Iceland for me, did get to see some of their salmon rivers though. God I can just imagine how good they were in 1977 and I did not have time to take advantage of it!

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